Top 10 Essential Web Design Interview Questions and Answers

Interviews are always tricky, especially those which are linked with web designing. Therefore to help you in clearing out the trickiest web designing interviews some of the most important interview questions with their answers are given below:-


Ques. 1 Define white space and explain how it can affect the web’s content.

Answer 1. In graphic design, white space is defined as an area which is purposely left blank. It is generally used to separate elements or to highlight some important ones. It makes the compositions attractive and interesting.

Ques. 2 Discuss some features of principles of gestalt.

Answer 2. Principles of Gestalt are part of visual perception’s theory. Ability of mind to visualize things that are explicitly visible is dealt in these principles.

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Ques. 3 What is major part of combining fonts?

Answer 3. The differences and similarities should be considered properly in order to combine fonts.

Ques. 4 How good color scheme is made?

Answer 4. The color scheme should be attractive and pleasant. Colors should be combined smartly. It can be monochromatic, complementary, analogous, etc.

Ques. 5 What are easiest ways to optimize any website?

Answer 5. Performance of any website can be improved through many ways. The easy ways to optimize any website are:

  1. Minimizing CSS and JS code in order to have some kilobytes of every page load.
  2. Having compressed assets in correct format with optimal settings.

Ques. 6 How you can set a background image on web page?

Answer 6. The body background should be pointed to name of image which is supposed to be set as background image.

Ques. 7 What is responsive design on the web page?

Answer 7. The approach to building sites in order to offer optimal interaction and viewing experience is called responsive design. Its main focus is on navigation of sites with very less panning and scrolling.

Ques. 8 Discuss bad web designing examples?

Answer 8 The bad web designing examples mainly contains many headlines, blinking text, too many big images, and has everything in center.

Ques. 9 Define the term information architecture.

Answer 9. It is defined as navigation and structure of whole site.

Ques. 10 What do you mean by Dreamweaver template?

Answer 10. Dreamweaver template helps in explaining editable and non editable regions on any web page. It is the only one that allows editing of non editable regions.


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